Subrogation Services


Our First Notice of Loss (FNOL) program finds every claim feature related to a particular loss. We do this by using automation to systematically review daily feeds of claims data. When our system identifies a claim having subrogation potential it simultaneously creates the case in our recovery platform so we may begin the subrogation process, often before the claim has been paid.  By using advanced technology to identify subrogation potential early in the claim process we help our clients maximize their recoveries.


Spartan Recoveries can accommodate full outsourcing arrangements, more limited co-sourcing arrangements, or overflow assignments. We are positioned to build custom programs around the needs of our clients.  Spartan is capable of handling your entire inventory or accepting individual files on a referral basis.


Open and Closed File Reviews "Forensic Reviews" provide our clients with the peace of mind that all potential recoveries are identified and pursued for recovery opportunities – leakage control. Spartan Recoveries will conduct a review of all open and closed claims still in statute and aggressively pursue recovery. This review typically involves both a data and a manual component.


Arbitration has become a fundamental part of P&C subrogation, and in response, Spartan has become an expert in P&C arbitration. Not only are we a member of the industry association, “Arbitration Forums,” we also have demonstrated success writing contentions that speak to the essence of the liability dispute. Spartan has successfully written contentions as both Applicant and Respondent.


Spartan has developed pilot programs for several clients who wanted to experience recovery vendor claims handling.  In most instances our pilot clients quickly move to wanting to engage in a Recovery Services Agreement.

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If you’d like to learn more about Spartan Recoveries and what we can do for you, please call Donna at  (203) 312-1708. She is anxious to hear about your company's needs, answer your questions, and explain the various programs and services we offer that make sense for you.