Automobile Success Stories

Case: Automobile Client Closed File Review - Canadian Venue

Challenge: Our client had closed their file noting no potential for recovery in this venue in Manitoba, Canada. The police report had blacked out private information making it difficult to review and identify the adverse party and carrier. We researched further and were able to obtain a report which identified the needed information to pursue a recovery. This was a $26,706 collision loss where the Adverse Party ran a red light and collided with our insured’s vehicle.

Outcome: Investigation of the Canadian laws revealed that while we don’t have a right of recovery in some areas of Canada, we did in fact have a right of recovery in Manitoba against the Canadian Adverse Party with regard to the damages sustained by our insured. After an initial dispute, our recovery representative was able to prove liability and damages and ultimately settle the claim for 100%.

Case: Transportation Automobile Client - Referral for Uninsured Case

Challenge: This claim was referred to us by our transportation client to pursue an uninsured motorist who had caused substantial damages to the client vehicle. All efforts to confirm third party insurance coverage were exhausted by the client prompting referral to Spartan Recoveries.

Outcome: Upon receipt of the claim further investigation and utilization of various search engines resulted in the location of valid insurance for the adverse party. A first report was made to the Adverse Carrier and we were ultimately able to negotiate a 100% settlement with them. By locating a valid carrier we were able to obtain a full recovery which was far better than negotiating installment payments from an uninsured party.

Case: Automobile Client – Open File Review - Loss Transfer Subrogation-Arbitration

Challenge: This automobile PIP Loss Transfer claim involved the insured vehicle traveling on a main roadway near the train station when the adverse vehicle pulled from a stop sign from the train station parking lot directly into the right side of the passing insured vehicle causing extensive property damages as well as significant injuries to the insured driver and passenger. Negotiations with the adverse carrier reached impasse and arbitration was file through Arbitration Forums seeking recovery for the $84,144.56 paid in No Fault benefits. The amount of medical treatment was contested by the Respondent and Spartan Recoveries was able to craft their contentions to properly document and prove that all damages paid were warranted under the New York No Fault Statute.

Outcome: Spartan Recoveries was able to prove that the injuries were in scope of the accident by adhering to the Arbitration Rules and Regulation and personally representing the case at the hearing resulting in a 100% recovery for the client of $84,144.56.