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Technology & Subro – a perfect match?

The use of technology can help an insurer select the claims with the greatest recovery potential. read more here

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Still Awake?

In a recent posting we discussed missed subrogation revenue waiting to be discovered in your closed claim files. Hopefully you have begun to implement some of the practices suggested, such as forensic file reviews and subro awareness training which will ultimately lead to the early identification of claims with recovery potential. The prospect of a […]

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What’s Keeping You Awake at Night?

A key function of a claims executive’s role is to ensure that the claims department is adequately staffed and trained not only to investigate and negotiate incoming losses, but to reclaim monies paid by pursuing responsible third parties. The executive’s challenge is to maintain a high level of quality in the technical claims process, monitoring […]

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Five Subrogation Opportunities Insurers Shouldn’t Miss

Experienced subrogation professionals are usually quite adept at pursuing subrogation opportunities. Most property and casualty claims with recovery potential involve automobile accidents with vehicle damage or more challenging homeowner losses involving a faulty product, improper installations or vehicle damage to a structure.  Here are 5 recovery opportunities that should not be missed.  read more here

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Subrogation Solutions for Insurers

Subrogation programs are often handled in-house, while others are fully or partially outsourced. Each company needs to make a decision on which model will be the most cost-effective and efficient for their organization.  read more here

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